About the club

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Oslofjord Triathlon club was started by a small band of friends some years ago. Since then it has grown to a large club with athletes from the entire spectrum of athleticism. Some members find the sprint distance more than enough, others qualify for Iron Man Hawaii.


With over a hundred members and such a diversity in ambition, training quantity and season highlights we are not able to offer training that fits everyone. Over the years there has been a tradition of swimming in Sognsvann on Tuesdays. At Wednesdays there is an event called Sognsvann Rundt Medsols (Around Sognsvann Clockwise) where many of our members participate. It is not uncommon for a quick swim before or afterwards. Last year there was also bicycling in Maridalen on Fridays.

Winter Training

Norway is not a very warm winter and somewhere in October we have to train indoors. For two years running we have had interval training at Bislett Stadium on Mondays with great success. There is a possibility for swimming on Tuesdays and Fridays as well, but this is for a limited number of athletes. More information will come on this in the fall.

Bogstad training triathlon

The most popular activity for our members is the Bogstad training triathlon. It is held every other Thursday on Bogstad. It features a 700m swim, 16k bike and 5km run leg. A volunteer will time the other athletes and watch the bikes and gear during the competition. The roads are not closed and the event is free. If you have any questions please feel free to ask anything in our forum or send us an email.
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